hey all,

here is one of the nicest examples of an early miniature lens from Dallmeyer. the only way you would get a nicer example would be to have gotten it right from Dallmeyer himself!

This is a 4 inch f3 lens. this is perfect for those wanting to shoot on digital or a medium format hassy or the like. super sweet. it was made about 1866.

the glass is in excellent condition. the brass as you can see from the pictures is super nice. it has the original flange. the original (?) cap is also included and is in excellent shape.

The image is stunning. it swirls like crazy if you want it to. the portraits will be awesome. covers 2x2....perfect for those small speed graphic cameras! the flange OD is 72mm. ID is 49.5mm....maybe it will fit a modern shutter.....

you will not find one like this again very easily. this is for a collector or a discriminating user. $925 or best offer for this gem. do not miss out on this lens.

photos here.