I bought the Tokina ATX 28-70 2.8 af and 80-200 2.8 af lenses back in about 1990 for mostly B&W sports/event/group photography with my F4S. They were very rugged and worked nicely for B&W. I had a couple Nikon lenses too and it was all good. Fast forward to 2002, I got a D100 dslr and the lenses. Color fringing from chromatic abberation on the Tokina lenses on a dslr was real bad. I was in a decent spot financially, so I got the Nikon 28-70 afs 2.8 beast which was of course awesome for everything. If you're shooting B&W mostly, the older Tokina stuff will be great gear still. I sold mine to a acquaintance who was pleased to have them for traditional use. I have not tried newer Tokina stuff as I've got most of what I need already for 35mm gear.