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Ian, check your decades. From my recollection, Tokina was already very well known in the mid 1980's when I bought my T90. I remember drooling over the ads in the back of photo mags; the 80-200 f/2.8 AT-X was a very drool-worthy lens, and I recall Tokina receiving favorable reviews. Checking ebay and KEH, there are lots of Tokina lenses in Canon FD mount, which Canon ceased production in 1987.
Got the decade right, pre-1990's means the 80's Hoya launched their HMC lenses in the very early 80's, I can't remember the exact dates and any magazines etc are back in the UK so I can't check, then the lens brand disappeared around the mid 80's and a very significantly better quality range of lenes were launched under the Tokina brand name, which had been around for some time but relatively unknown. Tokina had been making lenes for other companies like Vivitar for some time.

You're right though after the Hoya lens brand failure the new Tokina lenses were launched with heavy press advertising, and they knew the technology well because they already manufactured similar lenses for competitors. The best independent 28m made, the Vivitar Series 1 28mm f/1.9, was made by Tokina.