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Read the fine print. If the box and/or cassette sez C-41, then it is designed for the C-41 process. If it don't, then it ain't. Do any of the cassettes you have say C-41 on them?

Did you try looking on Ilford's Website for your answer before posting here? I can guarantee you that your answers are there. Ilford's C-41 monochrome film is called XP-2 Super.
Yes, I know to look for the C-41 on the film, but I heard rumours that certain B&W films while not C-41 can still be developed in a C-41 facility...obviously that was wrong. Also, when I searched for some of the other alphanumeric codes on the canisters I came up with nothing, so I really didn't have much to go on.

Yes, I tried Ilford's website, it seems that it's down.