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I believe the best place to have B&W done here in the states is contact www.theimageinn.com
Next to that and few do the kind of quality that Christi does there, is reedyphoto.com in St Pete, Fla and believe it or not reedphoto.com. I have used all three of these sources. Image Inn is actually the best in all matters, She is in Boston, takes a check via mail, very careful and very trusting of your film. Increadible prints!!!
Reedy Photo has done great work for me. So has Reed Photo. I personally like Reedy a bit more but Reed also does E6 and Reedy does not, but all three work with Delta films from Ilford. I know that is what I shoot.

Thanks Lee, unfortunately cost is a huge thing for me...so sending it away is out of the question I could send it away to Vancouver, but it gets pricey...