I sprang for the Versalab 11x14 print washer a few years ago and it works quite well. Now, though, I'm going to also make 16x20 prints and the Versalab version for that size is incredibly (and unacceptably) expensive. So...I'm going to copy its design and build my own. I've already been to BJ's and found a very large plastic container that will work well for the tank part of the washer (about $15 was all I paid) and the plastic tubing will be easy to obtain from a store that sells fish tanks and the plastic separater plates will come from a plastic supply shop my wife just told me about. It'll have to go in the bathtub on a couple of supports (so the syphon will work) since it's way too big for the darkroom sink, but that'll be okay. I can't imagine the whole thing costing more than $50 and being relatively easy to build....at least I sure hope so!