re: Batchverov & Thiel in Berlin
AgX - Just want to thank you for the B & T reference.....just got the Bessa returned and he has made a new winder arm from parts plus the old broken one. He says he cannot guarantee it will last, but he is honest on that point. No hand made work can be guaranteed. I am just happy that if I treat this right it will last my trip and I can have new/factory replacement parts put back home. He has been very pleasant and for two days work on the camera he has charged me 26 Euros which I think is fair and cheap (I know he did NOT work ALL two days but he did do a great job for someone who initially suggested I go back to the factory). He also fixed a problem with the locking button on the rewind arm that I didn't ask him to do (I figured that I could live without it). Anyway thanks again and I feel that if asked I would recommend him again!
thanks once again & cheers,