Okay. Well a little far from my house and offer. Perhaps someone else on Apug will offer.

Are you familiar with the Large Format Forum?
Many of the ulf people read both this forum and the LFF. Some just read one or the other. I would sign up there also and try my suggested approach.

If you are not overwhelmed with response either place, then I would wait, read, respond, become a known commodity, then privately PM or email people you have read are local with the same request.

The approach I used was that I was buying an 8x10 enlarger from someone in middle PA. I had some things he wanted. After realizing that I was an all thumbs retiring salesman, he as an engineer wanted to be sure the enlarger was installed properly. I had seen an article including some of his work with 7x17. I said I knew a place that might appeal. He brought the camera. He asked what I wanted out of the experience. I said I had shot 8x10 there, but I wanted to see what it would be like in 7x17. I said just go about your thing, but think out loud and let me watch and ask questions. That appealed to him. We spent the day and I started looking for a 7x17. He eventually put me in contact with a friend who was about to sell. It was a classic win-win situation where we both gave and gained.