The lists are now completely full. I would love to be able to accommodate everyone who expressed interest but unfortunately excess numbers appears to have been one of the downfalls in previous travelling cameras!

So the finalised list stays as ten a piece and is as follows: =

The US and Canada
1. TheBanana
2. Lmn
3. John_Nikon_F
4. Ron LarFor4X5
5. toro_mike
6. Flatulent1
7. J_Rollinger
8. Brian Legge
9. Matt_King

Europe and the Rest of the World
1. Síle
2. K_Jupiter (in Aachen)
3. Steve Smith
4. Erik_Prestmo
5. Tony Egan
6. Pcyco
7. Black Dog
8. Mooseontheloose
9. Sandholm
10. cmo

I will organise the list dependant on the best travelling path and get the cameras in the mail by early next week.. (Any assistance as to the best path for the US and Canada would be greatly appreciated.. I reckon I have Europe and the Rest of the World sewn up!)

Also I will mail the US and Canada camera to the first person on the list before we begin so that both cameras leave the Mother Ship at the very same time..
Looking forward to this.. and with any luck... we'll be home the same time as camera 6!