Yes, I've reused C-41 chemicals for 5 times with no problems in Jobo. Of course, the more you reuse, the higher the chance that the process goes outside the specifications. There are a few things to consider:

- Developer exhaustion (oxidization when it develops the film). This is counteracted by time compensation, but it can never be 100% exact as it depends at least a bit on films used, scene content (densities) etc.
- Developer dilution, if you use prewash and don't drain well enough
- Cross-contaminations. Try to keep things clean, especially the developer.
- Solutions lost in the process. You lose at least 10-20 mL every time in Jobo, so you must have some extra volume to begin with.
- Bleach buffering capacity lost due to too much developer carry-in. Try to drain as much developer as possible from the tank when you are going to reuse.
- Too much bleach carry-over in fixer. You could extend the in-between wash if you are going to reuse.
- etc.

These all apply to any C-41 chemistry from any manufacturer. I don't believe Rollei would make a big difference.

However, I find C-41 quite a robust process and even if you went a bit out of specs, it doesn't usually show up---the results look good. Many commercial labs (not real pro labs) may be more off all the time.