10 boxes (100 sheets) Ektachrome E100VS 4x5. Expiration date January 2010 Emulsion code 791. Frozen since purchased December 2009 from local direct warehouse source who had it frozen from Kodak (That's what I was told). I shot a lot of expired film last year from 1990's, from early 2000's and from 2008 and 2009 as recently as Spring 2010. Had no problems with 2008 and 2009 film in 2010. Anyway, I've got this film and I'm thinking I should sell it now and let someone else put it to use if they can because I think I'm spread way too thin in terms of cost to produce. I'm not in a good place to do color. Who am I kidding? I'll return to it later when I'm ready, but in the meantime someone else can use this film.

I just went online to get a new price so I know what to ask, and I can't find any place stocked! Freestyle doesn't have this at the moment or maybe they stopped carrying it. Very weird. Anyway I know what I paid for this film, and I know what a single box goes for locally $36 plus 8.75% tax (ouch). My asking price is $200 plus shipping to USA. I would suggest medium flat rate box from USPS Priority Mail which in my estimation generally beats FedEx and UPS 2 day air in price, and about 75-90% accuracy of it taking only 2 days.

I'm open to trades also. The main thing is I don't want to open my freezer three years from now saying "yeah I'm getting around to it".