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AnscoJohn, I see you are from Mount Vernon. Well I was born in DC and raised in Fort Hunt. I spent most of my time on GW parkway bike path finding little places to stop and go fishing. I really miss those days. Thanks for posting and reminding me of my childhood.
I am sure good ole MT Vernon hasn't changed much. George Washington's plantation is a wonderful place! I hope to revisit my childhood home with my children some day. Again Thank you. Oh BTW I have an Old Anso Waste level in need of restoration, do you shoot them exclusivity and is a rediflex wort the effort, or are they a dime a dozen (so to speak) Looks like it shoots 120 film
Across the street and through the woods and I am in Ft. Hunt. Any old camera is worth shooting and some of the old Anscos are great fun. I have a ca. 1935 Agfa-Ansco 5x7 Universal View Camera made in Binghamton. My bride is from Binghamton and her brother and several aunts worked for Ansco.
There is a Petri M42 to Petri bayonet/breechblock adapter, but I do not think there is one that goes the other way. Since your lens has a pre-set diaphragm, all manner of lash-ups are feasible.