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Whew. Five weeks of Alternate Processes, summer course, U Akron. The class met 9-1, Monday through Thursday. The reality most of us stayed to 4 or 5 every day. Some had to leave for a second class and returned to stay until the wee small hours. We could also come in Friday to work but no class. That sure beats a three day workshop, but I am pooped. It was such a success that there is talk of making it a ten week, six credit course next summer. I hope I am that strong at 71. I have some prints to show in September. The full time students have many prints to show. Final critique is tomorrow. I hope you all are working on some good stuff to bring in September.

Hi John,
Tell me what types of processes you worked on. I love Van Dyke and is my first choice in doing that kind of work. Gum is my most troublesome type , although I have seen some nice gums before, usually smiling and with teeth. I'm certain if you did gum prints they will have a strong bite on us when we view them.