Although most of my colour printing has been on Kodak Supra Endura, in view of the Kodak paper discontinuance I just bought a box of the Fuji CA paper, apparently the only cut sheet RA-4 paper now available. According to the box and the Fuji PDF this paper is apparently a new "basic" version. However a box I bought around 2005 is Fuji Crystal Archive Professional type 'MP'. It isn't clear whether 'MP' is a current paper.

From the Fuji site:

  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive ["basic"] - what is available as cut sheets in 8x10", 12x16", and 20x24" in the UK.
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme [some sort of better colour definition consumer paper]? - apparently suitable for analogue and digital exposure.
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive type DPII [a digital only paper, new technology paper].

As Fujifilm doesn't provide any document to help make a comparison, has anyone here delved into the situation, and where type 'MP' sits within the various papers?