I've just published a Blurb edition of Triptych: Sixteen Months,
a three-part photographic study of my wife Melanie. In 2008,
Melanie and I confronted all sorts of calamities and distress,
and in midyear I began to photograph her with a documentary
purpose. We conceived a son, Charlie, around Christmas.
The book is not about the pregnancy or Charlie, though both
figure prominently in it. It is about Melanie. And, if it is true
that all photographs are about the photographer, I guess it is
about me as well.

Our friend Eric Kroll wrote the introduction for the book. You
can find Eric's introduction and a feature about the book at the
International Analogue Photographic Society website:


Or you can preview the entire book, and buy a copy if you like,
from the Blurb Bookstore:


If you do have a look, please post or email your thoughts.

Sanders McNew