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Amen! I'm always a couple of generations behind on purpose...When the Canon 30D came out, I was shooting with a 20D, when the 40D came out, I added a 30D to my collection, then a 10D. I ended up selling the 10D/20D and picked up another 30D...so, in the age of 50Ds, I'm shooting with a pair of bargain-priced 30Ds. The original owner of the 10D bought it for around $2,000 with taxes. I bought it off him with a grip, extra batteries, etc for $300...it was an amazing camera! I ended up selling it for $320 a year and a half later. The 20D I used for a couple of years and sold it for what I paid for it...and to this day miss it, it was an excellent camera. The 30Ds...well, I've always had a soft spot for them...I'll shoot them 'till the shutters drop out...even if by then Canon will be marketing their hyper-super-amazing 300MP 150D.

I'm trying not to get off topic...hoping this will help the OP sell his camera haha. My point is: older gear can still be wicked quality and they tend to not lose their value much anymore, so if buy one, then change your mind, you'll likely make most of your money back.
I still use the 10D myself. It is my only digital camera. It is beat to hell, but has under 20,000 clicks on it. I would still recommend one of these with what they are selling for these days, as I would recommend this D70 for $250. The fact that depreciation hits digital equipment very hard is something that should be taken full advantage of, especially by those of use who put most of our photography money into film stuff, and who don't necessarily need the latest-greatest, plastic-fantastic whiz-bang gizmos to make good use of a digital camera.