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I realize this won't do you any good as you're in the UK, but in the US, Photo Warehouse (aka UltraFine Online) has a store brand RA-4 paper. I bought some recently, but I haven't yet tried printing on it. I don't know who actually makes it; it's conceivable it's just rebadged Fuji, although the box seems thinner, so I suspect it's got a thinner base than the Fuji paper. I gather that, in addition to Fuji and Kodak, there are two or three other companies still making RA-4 paper, including Mitsubishi and Agfa. I believe Ilford (the ones who do Ilfochrome, not Ilford Harman) also has an RA-4 paper. AFAIK, most of these products aren't normally sold in cut sheets in the usual outlets, but it could be that Photo Warehouse is buying the stuff up in rolls and cutting it down themselves. Maybe somebody in Europe is doing the same thing.
For us Yankees please let us know how the Ultrafine Online RA4 works out.

I've been buying Supra Endura that is dated 2009 from them. They recently had a sale on eBay but haven't seen it lately.

The ironic thing for this thread is the Kodak Supra Endura paper I got from them says it was coated or at least boxed in England.