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Although most of my colour printing has been on Kodak Supra Endura, in view of the Kodak paper discontinuance I just bought a box of the Fuji CA paper, apparently the only cut sheet RA-4 paper now available. According to the box and the Fuji PDF this paper is apparently a new "basic" version. However a box I bought around 2005 is Fuji Crystal Archive Professional type 'MP'. It isn't clear whether 'MP' is a current paper.

From the Fuji site:

  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive ["basic"] - what is available as cut sheets in 8x10", 12x16", and 20x24" in the UK.
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme [some sort of better colour definition consumer paper]? - apparently suitable for analogue and digital exposure.
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive type DPII [a digital only paper, new technology paper].

As Fujifilm doesn't provide any document to help make a comparison, has anyone here delved into the situation, and where type 'MP' sits within the various papers?

the "supreme" stuff is the same paper as the basic stuff, just thicker kind of like kodak edge vs kodak royal paper.