Hi all,

I am working on the history of the FOTH DERBY and, living in Australia, I can't chase up a number of references...they're just not held in the libraries here it would seem..(At lest can't find them on the Libraries Australia Database)

If anyone among you owns any of these publications, I would be keen on scans/digital photos of the pages mentioned below (and any others 1930s publications that may refer to Foth Derby and Foth-Flex cameras...but I have the French catalogues already)

keen to hear from you

Wallace Heaton Minitography & Cinetography Catalogues
1938, p. 63
1939, p. 134

American annual of photography
Volume 46, 1931, p. 31
Amateur Photographer
1937 pages???

American Photography
Volume 34, 1940, p. 864

Camera Craft
Volume 43, Issue 12, Photographers' Association of California 1936, p. 566

Camera: a practical magazine for photographers
Volume 63, Columbia Photographic Society., 1941, p. 61 advert

Volume 2, 1938,p 8
Volume 2, Sept 1938,p 4

Photograms of the Year. Dawbarn & Ward, Ltd.,
1932 p. 39 advert