It is interesting that you should mention "Man and his Symbols". It is a work with which I am familiar. As I recall, the premise which Dr. Jung proposed is that certain symbols are indeed universal and archetypal.

I certainly did not mean, nor do I think that I did, communicate that this question of self discovery or self revelation through photography was my sole overriding mental focus. It is just a consideration which has existed for some time. Do I consciously think about this when composing a scene or making an exposure? Quite certainly not. It comes up at times when I look at one of the images which I have printed.

I posed this as a question to those who chose to contribute. To see whether in fact others thought of this at all. Apparently some of you do and some of you do not. That is as it is.

Michael, it has occurred to me at times, that those who have the least difficulty in life are those who are the least aware. To be honest with you, I have had a relatively mild winter and I was not confined due to constraints of the weather. So there must be another reason for your observation. I took no offense, it is just that I found it an interesting view and judgement.