OK, still getting towards the back recesses of the closets. Here is a monstrous camera bag made by "XIII-X" (Thirteen-Ten) . I originally used it to haul *all* my Canon 35mm gear... but eventually realized how silly that was, and now I use a lot of separate smaller bags. But if you have large equipment that just won't go any other way, this would be perfect. It's an honest 17 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 12 inches high - but the sides are soft so you can pack stuff even bigger than that in it. It has a little pouch for stuff inside the main lid, plus a full size zippered pouch on the top surface of the lid. It has handles plus a shoulder strap with pad. Included are velcro-tab dividers: 3 of them are 13x9 inches, the other 8 are 9x3 inches.

Flaws: One of the dividers has a little notched are where it got torn. The bag was stored empty with some stuff on top so it doesn't sit up full size without stuff in it (likely to be cured by stuffing it full of a ULF camera or similar for a while!) It's a little dusty.

I have blocked from my mind how much this cost me when I bought it 15 or 20 years ago, but it was outrageous. I'm letting it go for a mere $50, plus $20 UPS shipping in the US. If you want to buy it from somewhere other than the US, I'll try to come up with a postage estimate but keep in mind it's likely to be nearly another $50 since it has to go Priority Mail (packaged it will weigh much more than 4 pounds.)