Hi there,

I'm offload some camera gear due to clutter and lack of use.

Included in this sale:

1x Canon A1 camera and instruction manual. Ex condition - fully functional, some scuffs on the bottom plate. Tested by Canon tech October 09 (i worked at Canon and had one of the techs look at it)
1x Canon (new FD) 50mm 1.8 lens - ex condition
1x Canon (new FD) 24mm 2.8 lens - good physical condition, some light edge separation on front element - a tiny bit of crazing on internal elements. Picture quality is fine.
1x Canon (new FD) 135mm 2.8 lens - ex condition. This is a superb lens. In excellent condition. Some light cleaning marks on front element - but this is nitpicking.

Assorted filters: 1A, orange, blue, yellow, 81B, 80A etc - all thrown in.

10x rolls of film: will include an assortment of colour slide and B&W films from my freezer stash.

1x Kaiser cable release. Works great with this camera but not so great with my Hasselblad.

Price $250 AUD + $30 AUD postage anywhere in the world.

Will also do a trade for Kodak E100VS or Tri-X (120 or 35mm) - equivalent of $200 AUD bought from Freestyle


or PM me.