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For us Yankees please let us know how the Ultrafine Online RA4 works out.
I just made some prints from it -- I did some 4x6 prints and an 8x10 from a roll of Kodak Ektar 100. The base is definitely thinner than that of cut boxes of Kodak, Fuji, or Agfa RA-4 papers I've used in the past, but it's no thinner than what I get from some minilabs. (That's a personal judgment; I haven't measured the paper's thickness.) The back of the paper has a slightly rougher texture than other RA-4 papers I've used. It's also got a bit more curl to it than most other cut papers I've used. There's no back-printing, and the box has no "made in (Country)" marking, so there's little clue of who made it, although there aren't many possibilities. The colors seemed good to me as I was printing, but I'm not the world's best or most discerning color printer. Whites don't seem as pure white as with many other papers; however, I'm using a mix-it-yourself RA-4 developer without a brightener, so the paper might do better with a commercial RA-4 developer. I'll need to print photos from another couple rolls before I make up my mind whether it's worth buying more of this paper, vs. using Fuji or cutting down rolls of Kodak myself.