About 6 or 7 years ago, I bought 3 parts-only Graphic cameras, stripped one body down, and assembled a light, sturdy, starter-level 4x5, which I used for 3 years until I bought my Shen Hao.

This camera comes with Graphex Optar 135mm lens, with lens hood, mounted on a lens board. The shutter of this lens was recent CLA'ed by Carol @ Flutot's (you can see her speed markings in one of the photos). It uses 4x4" wooden lens boards and I will include at least 1 other home made wooden lens board you can use to mount other 4x5 lenses. Also includes 2 sets of infinity stops and a new, high brightness, ground glass from Satin Snow. It has 1/2 of a Graphloc back - - it has the spring loaded ground glass, but not the slide locks for attaching other backs (see the photo). I have reversed the front standard to tilt forward/down rather than backward/up since the attached photos were taken.

$150 and it can be your introductory 4x5 + lens.

Paypal, cash or postal MO. Shipping & insurance extra from Houston, or local pick-up.