I am selling my kit of Mamiya TLRs & lenses. I have not used it more than once or twice it in the past 3-4 years. I prefer to sell it as a kit, but I know that may be a lot of TLRs for one person to absorb...

Mamiya C-220, w/ WLF, excellent shape, new seals about 5 years ago - $150 & shipping
Mamiya C-3, w/ WLF - $100 & shipping
80mm black (blue dot) - $125 & shipping
80mm chrome - $60 & shipping
180mm black, small dent in viewing lens ring - $115 & shipping
65mm chrome, w/ leather case, viewing lens has some cloudiness, taking lens is fine - $65 & shipping
Prism finder, w/leather case, outer housing has small crack that does not affect performance - $70 & shipping
Porro finder, w/ leather case - $40 & shipping
2 heavy duty TLR L-brackets - $25 for both & shipping

All lenses have screw-in 3rd party lens hoods

$600 takes it all. Paypal, cash or PO money order. Shipping & insurance extra from Houston or local pick-up.