Hi there,

So i am considering possibilities for an arts project involving outdoor projection. The projection surfaces are the sides of a large concrete building. I will project from distances varying from 10 to 30m. Budgetary concerns and a preference for film grain over pixels, has led me to considering slide projectors.

These are my concerns:

1. From what i understand, at 30 metres, 500w 35mm slide projectors won't cut it. Will larger format slide projectors such as the Beseler Slide King give me a rich image from such a distance (minimal ambient light)?

2. I want the projection to be as big as possible but many of the projectors I come across come with 70mm or longer lenses. Are wide angle lenses a rare commodity?

I live in Australia so there seems to be less of this stuff on ebay compared to the states. Any local tips would be much, much appreciated.