I don't know if this has been discussed before -- a search here on the forum didn't turn up anything.

A possible idea for a small scale multiple output pump could be to use a section of a ball screw -- say about 3 to 4 inches, and along the length of the section (or around the circumference), position flexible tubing of different diameters delivering solutions needed at the rates intended. Position the arrangement inside a section of steel tubing, with different sized spacers (depending on the tubing diameter) between the steel outer tubing and the flex tubes delivering needed solutions. This will allow the threads of the ball screw section to apply pressure along the length of the flex tubes much like a peristaltic pump, only with a smoother flow (ahead of adding back pressure), and use one pump to deliver 'x' number of solutions simultaneously. The picture I attached shows an example of what a ball screw looks like (just the threaded portion -- disregard the piece surrounding it). You would need to choose the pitch, etc of the ball screw so as not to pinch the flex tube across too narrow a length. You could mount the pump and drive the screw section in different ways, depending on your setup.

Whether this has any real world practical use in a small scale emulsion kettle I didn't get to yet. I am pretty much throwing the idea out there for the members to look at. I am sure it can be improved upon. I will post a diagram of the original form of this contraption shortly.

Your thoughts?

Bob M.