So after toying around with Medium Format for about a year now I've noticed how more and more stores around are trying to push film as a niche market - heck, even the big "corporate" digital photo store in central Oslo are trying to sell these silly "Blackbird" twin lens 35mm (if it's twin lens, why the hell are they 35mm and not 120?) cameras. And so I was checking out these two stores who sell Holgas, until I saw the price tag.

I mean, come on, 100 bucks for a toy camera? I got my Perkeo II for half the price (of which I prefer to the 1997 model Mamiya 645 system I bought later on).

It kind of reminds me of these middle aged women who pay big bucks on expensive paint, paper, and prefabricated canvases and other silly hobby crap - when you can get wood boards and (hardly) used canvases from out of a dumpster and buy decent acrylics or just artists charcoal at Canadian Tire type stores.

All in all, I don't have any good reason for having that much against these people, as I'm not the one getting ripped off on this. But it's all just so stupid I had to make a little rant of it, at least, just to give my two cents on it all.