You must be in the Philippines by now and have already noticed (especially shooting available light) CONTRAST can be your biggest enemy or friend depending on you style and film stock. Also culturally, contrast is a very apt word to associate with my country and people being the only predominantly Christian place in Asia. Im sure the guidebook already told you that CEbu is where they'd put the earliest symbol of our Christianity with Magellan's Cross planted right in the heart of the city. Although i have lived a big chunk of my life in the neighboring island of Bohol, photographing centuries old baroque churches, spanish forts and ruins that pockmarked this region is a photo op that skipped my interest maybe because it is an everpresent fixture in my cultural makeup. Now living overseas, im realising we have more things in common with Mexico than close neighbors Malaysia or Thailand. (My name is Rodrigo, but i digress)
With 8 days, You dont have to go back to Manila to explore other islands because CEbu is already a gateway to almost any place in the Philippines (and other countries because of the Mactan Int'l Airport). The seaports could also get you to any Visayan island in half hour to 4 hour short trips. Malapascua Island in the northern tip is where id hang out for a day or two if my thrill is the beach. Its a long drive though. What i'd do is hop to a ferry (1 hour) and cross to Bohol island and be able to explore more ops in a such a short time. (pm me if you need contacts there) What i like about this place is that even if its listed as No 1 tourist destination in the country, it has escaped the kind of 'tourist saviness' and not as corrupted by it compared to other places like Boracay. From there you can have other ferries that can take you to places like Camiguin (volcano, beaches, churches), Dumaguete, Siquijor, Sargiao (already Mndanao) and a lot of other interesting spots. Your choice, unfortunately you cannot pack them all in 8 days. Two last things, pack your gear well against humidity, sand and dust and bring lots of films, i left 5 years ago and even then i cannot find triX anywhere in the region. Bon voyage!!!