Holga 120WPC pinhole camera results: Before going out I was careful to load Ilford HP5+ and used gaffers tape along the back cover seams and frame counter window to keep light leakage at a minimum, and used a Minolta IVF incident light meter to take readings. I took six 6x12 exposures: #1-set meter at iso 100 @ f64 meter, indicated 1-second, shot @ 1-second. #2-meter set as before indicated 1-second, shot @ 1.3 second (adjusting for reciprocity using table provided by Ralph Lambrecht). #3-set meter at iso 400 @ f22 and used Pinhole Designer software table, indicated 20th second, shot at 4-seconds. #4,5,6,-set meter iso to 100 using f64, indicated 1.5-seconds, shot at 2-seconds. Timing of the exposures was done in the primitive one-one-thousand manner. I processed the film using Ilford Ilfotec DDX developer 1+4 dilution at 68F for 9-minutes. All the exposures were usable, but,the best exposure was #2, using the reciprocity table. Thanks Ralph Lambrecht.