There is a 25 sheet box available.... HERE.

curiosity is a real bitch

I have a ton of Lodima (which I love!) and am broke anyway.... so can't justify buying any to test. If someone is interested here's a one time offer: =)

Send me a 25 sheet pack of this paper (I'll make 4x5 contacts so it will be like a one hundred sheet box to me) and I'll send you a finished 4x5 contact print - mounted matted signed bagged etc. I charge $175 for my 4x5s so you'd get a print for $32.99 plus the shipping from Freestlye to me... I'll ship the finished print in the CONUS at my expense..... (It will be a finished print I deem as a quality example of my work, not necessarily on this new paper unless you request that. I'll also check to make sure you like the image of course.)

Yeah yeah, I know, who wants one of my prints anyway...? Just a thought. PM me if you're interested.