I have a Beseler 23C enlarger.

I got a new lens for the enlarger. My old Componon 50mm (Not Componon-S. Just plain Componon) just isn't up to snuff anymore. It's got a bit of dust and fungus inside. Besides, as good as it was in its day, we have better lenses today.

I recently bought an EL-Nikkor 40mm lens. It's really nice but the problem is that it's a 39 mm. mount. All my lens boards are 1 in. mounts. I'll need to get a new lens board for it.

I have been looking around for lens boards. I was just about to order one when I discovered the "Bes-Align" lens board.

They look really neat. I've done some reading. It seems like the thing to have. I would like to get one if it will work with my 40 mm. lens.

As it is, the 50 mm lens has to be adjusted pretty close to the top of its travel to get into focus. The 40 mm will have to be even closer. Won't it? I'd say 10 mm closer. Right?
(Okay, I know that the true focal length of the lens might be some odd number like 41.5 mm but that's of little consequence to my question.)

If I get the Bes-Align, I'll be moving the lens even farther away from the film plane. Correct?

If so, I am assuming that I would have to rack my focus a little higher to compensate. Am I right, so far?

Thus, if that's true, I stand a chance of running out of travel on the lens carriage and I could end up in a situation where I won't be able to focus the image. Don't I?

The Bes-Align looks like a really good idea and it might solve some problems I have been having getting the enlarger into alignment but I'm not ready to drop $35 to $40 to buy something I won't be able to use.

What do you think?