I know a guy who is a machinist. I was planning on asking him if he could make me a flat lens board for cost of materials plus a six-pack of beer but I saw the Bes-Align first and I wanted to check it out before I went ahead and called my friend.

What is a lens board but a 4 in. sq. piece of metal, 1/8 in thick with a hole drilled in the center. Right?

I don't need the light pipe because the EL-Nikkor is self illuminating. It's got a built-in light pipe to light up the numbers on the scale.

I suppose, while I'm at it, I could have my friend make a Bes-Align clone. What is it? Two pieces of metal, three screws and some foam rubber?

If a Bes-Align isn't going to work or even if it's going to be a close call, I think I'll just eBay myself up a standard lens board.

I've got what appears to be a really nice lens to make some tasty pictures with. I just thought the Bes-Align would make it even nicer but no sense in fussing around with it. I'd rather be making pictures.