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LOL - I hope my wife will understand.
My wife went to bed early one night last Winter when a UPS Freight truck arrived at my house as his last run for the day. It was starting to snow and the truck backed in and the driver opened up the back and on one Oak pallet was a NuArc exposure unit on the accessory stand with lots of extras. He used a pallet jack and put in the drive way, after he left I got it on a steel wheeled mover and nearly had it fall over on me. I put it in the garage and the next day my wife got to see what I bought. She didn't say a thing, I got lucky.

Now that I've explained what the printing process is and have shown her some prints I've made she is lot more accepting. I was introduced to Carbon transfer photography at a workshop demonstration by Vaughn Hutchins and was immediately intrigued, then I took the workshop with Per Volquartz and Jim at Per's house in Pasadena and made prints there, last Spring I attended a weekend Carbon printing workshop with Vaughn at Newport Oregon, there were only a few people there and it was just fantastic, the weather was great and the location was perfect, I made a few nice prints and advanced again.

Now I'm making my own tissue and really having a lot of fun, it's hard work but very rewarding. I wanted to learn Dye Transfer but it slowly disappeared before I could get set up, this is really perfect for me at this time of my life. It will take time to learn, more time to fully understand the variables and a lot longer to master.