Thanks to all for the nice comments. The nice thing about the Translight facility is that it is in a public darkroom facility that is really nice. Lot's of room and a great working space. Before I finalized things with Translight I was offering workshops and still am at my home/studio in Ventura. Randy is coming out this weekend for a little one on one. I've got some nice new tissue poured and I hope that anyone that comes has plenty of energy. It seems like when I get going I never stop. I think it is the way us crazy carbon printers work. I think that Vaughn would agree that it is nice to inspire other photographers with our passion for carbon printing. He certainly inspired me a couple of years ago.

I'm glad that Curt is "going for the Glop" and seems to be making some nice progress. The more you print the more this all makes sense. I do have one more spot available for this weekend so if someone would like to join us just send me a PM or an e-mail.