If these people are buying 120 film and having it processed let them buy whatever they want to put it in at whatever price they want to pay.

I know that $100 for a Holga is a rip off, you know that $100 for a Holga is a rip off, but the people that are buying these cameras are probably getting more than $100 worth of fun out of them, and if they aren't leave them alone until they shoot enough film to get $100 worth of fun out of them.

I have some really nice equipment that is probably far better at photography than I am, I have medium format, 35mm, The D word, and at the very least I would call most of my gear really nice. That said, I have some really nice photos that I have taken of my children, and of local landscapes on display in my home, these are not photos taken with high end equipment but with 90 year old Kodak Brownie Autographic #2 folding cameras that I paid about $10 each for. These are valid good looking well composed photos and I could reproduce them easily with any higher end equipment with a lot less work, I just really enjoy shooting with the brownies so even if I spent $100 each on them they would have been worth it for the joy they bring me. Shouldn't it be more about the joy of producing and viewing the photo than what you paid for the camera?