I say this with no knowledge of Patrick's skill levels or intended market....

In my area, most portrait photographers do digital. But besides that.... sitting fee range from zero to over a thousand. Printing costs range from 14.95 for a package of several sheets to much MUCH more. Consumer oriented places tends to be inexpensive but quality and skill of the photographer sort of matches the price. More "art" oriented places charge premium but their skill and results support them.

ME, I welcome the opportunity to take photograph and imporve my skills, so I do it from absolutely zero to just to cover costs. Of course, I have a day job, and photography isn't my source of income. At my skill level, I am not taking jobs away from professionals, as these people won't pay to get what I give them done in the first place.

I am not exactly answering the original question, but I am not sure if it's really answerable.