Tetenal 3-bath kit is actually 4-bath. It contains formalin stabilizer.

Very poor marketing from them to lie about the number of bathes. Of course it gives an impression of quicker process, but for people who know a bit more, it gives an impression that there would be no stabilizer and dyes would fade. Note that Kodak counts Final Rinse as a bath even though it is not as important for dye stability as stabilizer in a 4-bath kit!

Anyhow, I had no problems with their kit. Moved to Kodak 7-bath single-use kit anyway. In fact, the difference in total process time is only a few minutes, because 4-bath Tetenal kit has two extra washes and because some of the steps in 7-bath kit are quite short! There is, however, extra work in mixing the chemistry in 7-bath kit and more containers are needed.

Example timing:
FD 6:30
Wash 2:00
CD 6:30
Wash 2:00
BX 6:30
Wash 4:00
STAB 1:00
Total 28:30

FD 6:30
Wash 2:00
REV 2:00
CD 4:00
PRE-BL 2:00
BL 6:00
FIX 4:00
Wash 4:00
FR 1:00
Total: 31:30

The difference in time is almost non-existent. In fact, as discussed many times, proper 7-bath version is surely more robust in the terms of bleach and fixer, so you could just squeeze off these important minutes from them and probably still have the same results with a little bit extra uncertainty about the possibility of minor silver retention, just like with a blix kit .