I have the likely common dilemma of needing to frame some photographs.
I don't normally bother printing smaller than 8x10, firstly. I print 8x10 up to 20x30.

What i have been doing for frames up until now is either not matting, or bying precut mats. I have also been using thrift store frames and, occasionally, walmart.

Thrift store frames can sometimes be fun, but this is not extremely common.

Where are you all getting your frames, framing stock, mat board, foam core, glass, etc. I am not averse to making my own frames if it will be cheaper/better than the alternatives, and I would prefer not patronizing walmart for ideological reasons. In reality, walmart (or another big box) would serve my framing needs very handily, but I very much do not wish to give them my money.

What are the best value alternatives and sources for framing stock or complete frames and the related materials?