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Hi Guys-
I had a thread going before but it ended up being long and drawn out and I'll try to focus this more . I am getting into portraits and wondering what you would charge for a session with one roll of 120 in the 645 format with a set of color proofs. I am now thinking around $35-45 so I was looking for a little input. Thanks,


That $35 is close to my basic out of pocket cost after all is figured, so I'd say your price is wayyyyy tooooo lowwww.

I remember you asked about this same thing a little while back and you got good advice there.

So, do you want to make a profit?

If you really want to make money $100 for your one roll starter package would be a better choice.

One of the things about charging more up front is that you weed out prospective clients who won't or can't afford extra prints.

The people who actually put up $100 for a sitting will be more likely to buy more prints.