Please, enlighten me. I am confused about the shelf life of Rollei digibase DEVELOPER. Maco website states:

The color developer, working solution, example 250ml: One can at least process 5 films in a approach of 250ml. This requires a rapid processing (within 6 hours) ahead. .."

So, working solution last only for few hours and after that it's ruined?

Maco's developing instructions say that "250ml = 3-5 rolls" and in the instructions there is mentioned only this normal non-rotation method (like B&W). I have to say that I have never seen a tank that can develop 120 roll with 250 ml.

So, I have to mix 500ml of developer = about 12 rolls and develop everything within few hours if I want to use normal non-rotating method?

Or is that mentioned developer sorking solution shelf life ("6 hours") BS?

PS: Sorry, I don't know all the right terms.