Funny thing happened years ago. I had a full beard for about 7 years. Most of the people I worked with had never seen me without it. Now comes along daughter number one and she decides that when she is riding on dads shoulders the beard is a great way to steer dad. That was that and the beard came off.

The following Monday I walked into work sans beard. I could tell people were looking at me in that weird way they do when they know something has changed but can't figure out what it is. Several asked me if I had gotten a hair cut. Well I guess they were half right lol. Anyway I let it go and it took them 3 days to figure out what was different.

Just goes to show how people really don't pay attention to how you look but rather concentrate on your eyes and body language.

I have a buddy that grew his beard probably round the same time Ken did and refuses to shave it off because his identity is so wrapped up in it. Or at least he thinks it is. I'm not suggesting you are as insecure as he is, don't get me wrong.