To begin with, this is a tale of stupidity.
My own stupidity, to be honest.

I found a Carl Zeiss Tessar 21cm/4.5 lens with compound shutter at an auction.
The glass was fine but the shutter worked about every third time so I had it serviced. I also bought a Wista lens board for it (Linhof Technica type) and had a suitable hole lathed (I think the shutter is nr II, but I haven't checked).
The lens had no retaining ring and the threads were damaged beyond repair so I decided that the best plan would be to glue the lens to the lens board (all my LF cameras use the same type of lens board so it seemed to make sense).

Unfortunately, and this is the part about stupidity, I used a little too much glue which resulted in that some of it traveled outwards and not only fixed the lens to the lens board but also glued the aperture lever to the lens board.
So, what I have is a very nice lens with a newly serviced shutter, on a lens board but with an aperture fixed at 4.5 (It was fully open when my brain went on vacation).
For now it is buried at the very back of a cupboard since I don't really feel like looking at it.

Maybe, however, there is someone out there who would like an old Carl Zeiss 21cm 4.5 lens with only one aperture or who will take the time to mechanically remove the lens board and free the aperture selector, or someone who has a shutter but no lens.
I don't know, but it makes me too depressed just looking at it so I will have to realize that I will never use it.

There is a small speck of dust close to the center of the lens as can be seen from the front. This dust is inside the front cell.

Better to trade it if someone is interested.
What I have is a Carl Zeiss Tessar 21cm/4.5 (and 4.5 only) lens made in Jena serial 330898 with a serviced compound shutter on a Wista (Linhof Technika) lens board. I think this lens was made pre 1920 but I am not an expert.
What I need is just about anything, preferably LF-stuff but I use anything from 35mm and upwards.
Any suggestion is welcome.