Don't miss the "ghost town" at Garnet. It is quite a drive, or at least was in days past. They may have paved the road by now, but garnet is something to see, indeed. The old hotel and store are a wonder indeed. I've been twice and the store was better the second time. the old cabins are worth seeing, too. The whole thing is worth the trip. And of course, you need to spend some good time in Glacier Park. Watch out for the bears. They are not to be played with at all. They are grizzlies and do drive the bus. Don't even consider getting your picture taken with one. You might wind up making a nice meal for one. Not to be fooled with. Mind what the Rangers say and tell you about them. The scenery there is not to be beaten anywhere else and is perfect for your 4x5 and any film you choose to take. I take TriX when I go. PlusX if you can get it. Efke 100, FP4 or whatever you especially like. Just enjoy some of America's best scenery!