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"Availability - The new Fujichrome Velvia 100 is designed to replace the current Velvia 50 product line. Initial shipments of the new Velvia 100 are scheduled for late spring 2005. It is anticipated that Velvia 50 will be available for the balance of 2005. Fujifilm intends to make the transition from Velvia 50 to the new Velvia 100 as smooth as possible for professional photographers by having both Velvia products available simultaneously in 2005 to allow photographers time to test the new product."
I've kind of been expecting this for sometime. While the 100F isn't bad - it is what I primarily use - I prefer the 50 speed film for its color. I've been wishing the 100 would finally come to the US, so I could get the speed and color together.

I'm willing to bet that the photo magazines like "Outdoor Photography" ("Outdoor Photoshop") will ignore it as they have the Nikon F6.