Ooh, ahh, it's a Minolta Autocord!

It's everything you've heard about, and more.

The shutter's accurate. Both lenses are in perfect condition and the Rokkor 75mm/3.5 taking lens is razor sharp. It's got a self-timer for the "quick, run and join your in-laws" photo.
The hot shoe? It works (which, honestly, surprised me without a battery in)

Film transport is silky smooth, for 120 and 220 film.

I know you're thinking, "Oh but but but Steve, I hear the focusing levers on those things are terrible." Not so with this Autocord. The focusing lever is like melted butter.
And the cosmetic shape? LOOK AT IT! Looks like you traveled back in time to 1966.

You want accessories you say? How's an Autocord brochure, owner's manual, lens caps (attached because it's a TLR), Minolta brand lens hood and Minolta brand yellow filter, specifically made to fit the Autocord lens sound?

6x6 images. Yeah, it's that cool.
Leaf shutter means the noise rivals a Leica
Twin-lens gives you non-existent viewfinder blackout
Flash sync up to 1/500, even the latest Nikon D214309XT can't do that
Sport finder for low light, and, well sports
Shutter lock for time exposures, if you don't have a locking cable release
Becoming a member of the "Is That a Hasselblad?" club

Now, this thing takes mercury batteries. I don't care enough for CdS meters to buy Wein cells (which I am also not a fan of) to see if a meter works that 95% likely doesn't after 44 years. Call it dead. If you want to go into whether or not it works after you get it, that's your business.

KEH's selling a non-metered original Autocord, which also doesn't take 220 film and have a bunch of other cool features, for $235 right now. Let's say $275 shipped in the US seeing how I'm including a bunch of killer accessories. Sound good?