Its a great system (the 645) and I for one will keep on using it. My only concern is getting it fixed if it ever fails. Parts are probably going to be problematic. I have it even worse--I have the 645 and the N1. I love both of the cameras and the lenses.

The writing was on the wall, fair to say. When they pulled the ND1 and didn't come out with anything, it was problematic. They basically came to the opinion (in my opinion without any facts) that "Digital is an R&D heavy business and we just don't have the R&D budget to do this. Its a shame. Kyrocera is an R&D driven company as it relates to ceramics. But in terms of Consumer marketing, they really have never been all that good. The analog cameras for pro's (RTS series) really set the standard at one point and then they rested on the laurels.

Oh least the used stuff will get much cheaper. This explains why Adray camera in Ann Arbor has great Contax pricing in this issue of Shutterbug.