I picked up the attached small snap at a flea market in Berlin a few weeks ago. I'm not a big expert on old 35mm cameras but would be interested in hearing Apugers views on what they are using. Looking from left to right, has number 3 snapper an Edixa? I only say that as it reminds me of my brother's camera from the 70s when I had a Zenit E. Number 2 looks quite strange. Close up is hopefully included. Can't quite work out if number 4 has a bigger format camera.

However, any other views on the photograph are welcome as to where and when. Looks like a bored wife or girlfriend on the left waiting for the boys to stop playing with their toys. I would imagine it's from the 60s or possibly 50s. If anyone in the photograph by chance can be recognised, that would be a lot more interesting than their cameras! Only other information available is the printing on the back of the print by the lab:
1034 Berlin

Many thanks