this thread is pretty old but has been recently commented on.

11x14 for wet plate is PITA. if you do do 1114 then it is a studio only endeavor IMO.....for the beginner.

remember you need fast lenses. fast 11x14 lenses are VERY expensive and VERY BIG. only studio cameras can really hold them. you can force other cameras into service but you will find them sub standard. traveling with1114 is a real pain.

even 8x10 is a bit much IMO. i use smaller formats to travel with. most all portable 8x10 cameras lack the lens board size and the front standard for a lens that "really" covers 8x10. again, they are better suited for studio work.

all the above is directed more towards portraits. landscape work would require a slower lens as you may be shooting in open SUN. so your exposures would be significantly faster.

as a beginner i would say get an 8x10 camera. get bill schwabs holder for it. 5x7 insert and shoot 5x7 (or smaller) for a while. most all fast lenses for 5x7 will easily fit on most 8x10 lens boards that are 6x6 inches.