I have Kodak Professional rapid fixer it has 2 Bottles one (the big one) says FIX A .
The big bottle is 946ml/32 fl.oz., it says it will make 1 US gallon of film and plate finisher, or to make 2 US gallons of paper fixer.

The second small bottle says Solution B Kodak Professional rapid fixer (hardener) for film or paper and is 106ml / 3.5 fl.

Reading many posts over the net, I read not to use the hardener, Just mix the Fix A. (most say 1:3)
I have the mixing sheets that come with the product, However I am getting mixed info about it, what I am reading does not jive with the data sheet.

Is there a resource for the Kodak Professional Rapid fixer similar to what I have found about the Kodak HC-110 Devloper.

I want to mix small single batches to process 2 or 3 rolls of 120 film at a time. So I am looking for a proven mixing guide for the Kodak Professional rapid fix.

I have 2 Patterson 4, 120 dev tanks and 2 Nikkor 16 oz tanks. I am mainly using 120 film so 500ml to 600ml of final working solution would be perfect. (i know I will loose some each time I pour it out of the dev tank back into the storage/mixing jug.

I dont want to waste chemicals. I see people do it all the time, seeing people pour One shot Dev down the drain makes me one to puke! I will dispose on my chemistry properly. No need for silver and other nasties in the food chain.

It would be very easy for me to mix up the full batch and start using it, as the fix will stay good for 4 weeks in a tank with floating cover. There are two main reasons I want to lean how to make small batches. First, I can stay consistent, each batch will be fresh (like one shot) 2. I can make my chemistry last longer because it will be in concentrated air tight containers. I plan to decant into special air removed storage vessels. 3. It will make me happy to better understand proper measures and why (like why no hardener).

I am almost positive someone here is using this product in a similar way that I want to use it. I dont mind 500ml of Fix going bad in a few weeks, but I dont want a gallon of it to go bad.

I am just starting to learn how to develop film, I wont be ready to start printing for a few weeks. I am taking things very slow, I want to make the correct decisions based on all available information, not just a sheet of paper that came with the chemicals. It's obvious Kodak wants me to mix a full batch and purchase again soon as possible.

Thanks to all who take the time to read this post, and even more thanks to those who take time to help me with my quest to find or make a small batch mixing chart for Kodak Professional rapid fixer.

Last thing, If I am not supposed to use the hardener for fixing film, What do I use it for?

Again thanks for your time, I truly appreciate it.